Hiring roofing services in Orlando can sometimes be a challenge because there is some roofing contractor who claims to be a professional roofing contractor but in reality they are not. There are a lot of people who have several problems in searching the right roofer because there are many roofing contractors who are neither licensed nor insured. Moreover, to add to the problem, you would also find certain roofing contractors who are licensed and insured but they are not trained properly. As we know that proper training is very necessary for completing the task in the best way possible. Therefore, due to lack in training, the roofing contractors fail to complete the job in the manner in which it needs to be done. Most of the home owners, by looking at the licensed and insured part of the roofing contractor feel that they are qualified to do their roofing job but in reality they are not. Therefore, the homeowners are actually misled into hiring those roofing contractors and they end up with poorly installed roof.

Though there are a lot of roofing services in Orlando available but you can’t really trust each one for your roofing needs. Below are few tips for hiring the right roofing contractor:

Recommendations from family members, friends, co workers and neighbors

Your family members, friends, co workers and neighbors can really become the best resources for getting reviews for roofing contractors. When they recommend a roofing contractor to you then it means they were satisfied with their services. Therefore, chances are that you might also be satisfied with their services. In order to be certain, you can always ask them few things about the roofing contractor such as whether they completed the roofing job on time, whether they did the cleanup thoroughly and whether they were ready to come back again for any kind of necessary repairs.

Online Resources

You would find several reliable internet websites which would be having lists of reliable and licensed roofing contractors along with customer’s reviews. By going through the customer’s reviews, you can determine whether you should be hiring the roofing contractor or not.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent source for researching about any specific roofing contractor. You can either search online for BBB or contact the local branch office of the BBB. If in case there is any customer complains of the roofing contractor you are considering hiring then you should find out about the nature of complaint and the way in which it was resolved.

Proper Credentials

Almost every state and city requires the roofing contractors to be bonded, licensed and insured for roofing services in Orlando. Therefore, you need to find out the requirements in your area. Moreover, the workers working on the roof should also have workers compensation certificate and liability insurance certificate.

Written contract and warranty

Ask the roofing contractor to provide you written contract and written warranty for roofing services in Orlando and if they don’t agree then don’t consider hiring them for any of your roofing needs. You should ask them to provide you a detailed estimate too.