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least neutral manner of human pheromones

At this point in the process, you now should have several attractive women who have replied to your opener in a positive or at least neutral manner of human pheromones. Now begins, what is for most men, the most frustrating phase of online dating: messaging communication. Messaging communication is where you really need to control yourself. One sentence, one phrase, even one word that a woman reads from you in a message she doesn’t like, and it’s over, and you’ll likely never be able to recover with her. It’s just how women are at this stage with pheromones. On top of this, very often women will just suddenly stop communicating with you for no discernible reason. Learn more at and we talked about this in Chapter 2 regarding the cardinal rules. Remember rule number six? It’s don’t get discouraged when women suddenly vanish on your pheromones . Just keep putting in the numbers and reminding yourself that it’s all normal and part of the online dating process. It happens to the best of us ( myself included) and it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Just hang in there, keep blasting out openers, and keep responding to women who answer you. If you’re following all the other advice in this book, the dates will come through pheromones. Also, remember cardinal rule number 1: time is against you. The longer you take to message a woman back-and-forth during a conversation over a dating site/app, the lower your odds become of ever meeting her in real life. Are there sometimes unusual exceptions to this rule? Of course. These are exceptions. Just because it happened once or twice doesn’t mean it’s going to be the norm. The norm is you having a conversation with her, going on and on about stupid stuff on Tinder or OKCupid , and then suddenly she’s gone because you took too long to pull the trigger on true human pheromones. Another common scenario is women wasting your time with online chit-chat who have no intention of actually getting into a car (or train) to meet you in real life. Most men don’t realize that a sizable percentage of women on a dating site aren’t there to date at all. They’re there for other reasons. Here are just a few common examples of these types. 1 . Here’s what usually happens. A woman has a big argument or other blowout with her boyfriend and she “breaks up” with him (often in her mind only). In a fit of vengeful get-back-at- him anger, she hops onto OKCupid or Tinder, throws up a few sexy selfies from her phone, and starts talking to dudes on the site/app. No, she’s just temporarily mad at her boyfriend. She might fantasize about hooking up with some new guy, but she’s not actually going to do it with better pheromones. If you want to just re-open women who have been online recently, that’s a perfectly fine. Can you open women who’ve already viewed your profile more than once? Yes. Can this work? Yes it can, but the response rates aren’t quite as high. Feel free to experiment, but as always, track your numbers so you can stop if it’s clear you’re wasting your time. Learn more at

Why’s he acting like that with his pheromones?

Why’s he acting like that with his pheromones? He doesn’t want me anymore?”, and will make you seem as some sort of a challenge. This will also make her work more to please you and win you over or secure you. Girls love guys who are a challenge, and not the same average chump that’s always chasing after them and trying to impress and please them all the me. It’s the same thing girls do with guys, one day they pick up the phone, next day they intentionally don’t use human pheromones. This confuses us and drives us crazy. We are going to flip the girls’ own game on them, and reap the results. You have to be careful though, not to be too extreme with this. With practice, you’ll get the hang of how much you should be pushing and how much you should be pulling, and when with his natural pheromone production. The more diverse the material, the better your pheromones experience. Learn more at and don’t want to end up as some kind of computer nerd if all you read about is computers. Be diverse. Also watch some interesting movies or TV shows… they’ll also inspire you and give you interesting things to discuss. Be an active reader or viewer, not a passive one; always remember the interesting things or thoughts that you encounter so you can use them in your conversations. Always find something to do, be social, mingle, and don’t stay in on weekends. Be busy. This way you’ll always have things to tell… and you’ll appear like the wanted or highly demanded and loved social person. Besides, the more you go out the more you’ll have chances of meeting new people. You never know who you might meet. You show her a bit of interest and give a bit of a en on (pull her towards you), then you stop and push her away for a bit and seem indifferent. Show some a en on and love and interest, then hold back and act not too interested and see the magic of it working. This will confuse the hell out of her, making her think “Why has he changed? Is it something I did? WTF? Why’s he ac ng like that? He doesn’t want me anymore?”, and will make you seem as some sort of a challenge. Girls love guys who are a challenge, and not the same average chump that’s always chasing a er them and trying to impress and please them all the me. It’s the same thing girls do with guys, one day they pick up the phone, next day they inten onally don’t. This confuses us and drives us crazy. We are going to flip the girls’ own game on them, and reap the results. You have to be careful though; don’t be too extreme with this. With practice, you’ll get the hang of how much you should be pushing and how much you should be pulling, and when. Examples of push-pull: If you’re calling her everyday (pulling her towards you), stop calling her for a few days (push her away), and notice how she will in turn start calling YOU. Repeat cycle. She’s si ng on your lap or holding hands with you (you’re pulling her and encouraging her to do it). Learn more at

congratulated yourself with cheaper pheromones

Re-enact that experience with pheromones right away. Exaggerate your pheromone experience. Do that three times. Henceforth, we’ll call this Reflex Mode . Get comfortable with trusting yourself so much, that others trust you. Learning Tool: Echo Chamber Have you ever found yourself doing something well– and then mentally dwelling on it? Building it up? Even making a small victory into a big one? Or a big victory into something colossal? What if the accuracy of your pheromone success in some cases, matters less than the energy and drive that they create inside you? Take a few moments, and think of something you did well– it doesn’t have to be recent, but it should be, within the context of your life, something that seemed a big deal to you, at least at the time. Re-enact how you mentally congratulated yourself with cheaper pheromones. Learn more at and

Now magnify and amplify and intensify the way you congratulated yourself. Amplify it to the point of obnoxiousness– and challenge yourself. Amplify it, while forcing yourself to take your intense self-validation seriously, and thereby successfully surmounting your biggest challenge of using human pheromones. Amplify it, almost as though the self-congratulation is like a physical sport– and at this sport, you are an Olympic champion, one in the process of propelling yourself now to new heights of intense performance. Treat your developing power of intense, sustained self-congratulation as though it is a muscle, one you are building through intense and focused repetition. Tell yourself something like, “The X I just did was great, AND this will lead to X1, and that will be even better… I’m awesome! ” Now magnify the self-congratulation even more– get your body into it. Explore using your body in such a way that the praise and validation you give yourself feels even richer, stronger pheromone production. Imagine and sense your self- validation being like a flow of energy, one loosening and recharging and expanding your muscles, brightening and clarifying your vision of your own possibilities and opportunites with cheaper pheromones. Now think of some success you had today, even a small one– perhaps getting up when you first heard your alarm, or remembering to put the cap back on your toothpaste, or getting yourself a lunch you enjoyed. Apply that same strategy of intense, determined, focused self-validation to the success you remember from today. Consider the thought that champion athletes, at least within the context of doing what they excel at, frequently engage in intense, systematic, sustained, self-validation — at least internally. And so on. For that matter, the new pheromones will be presented to you at intervals– again, you’ll get much more real-world benefit with women by mastering one chunk at a time. You know the Bruce Lee line: ” I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times. ” And now you can feel more waves, waves on top of waves, endless layers, spiraling variation– rough, cool, gentle, harsh. It’s overwhelming. Learn more at

pheromones focus

The initial few chapters on pheromones focus on the internal and external forces which have resulted in you arriving where you are currently at today. By first understanding the reasons why you are unsuccessful with women, we can then proceed to address the key factors at the heart of the issue instead of just trying to cover up the symptoms. The goal is to actually become an attractive man and not just learn to act like one.

You may be a man in your late teens/early twenties and enrolled at a university studying how to make pheromones. If so, then the understanding and knowledge you will gain from this book is going to put you way ahead of the curve. I only wish that I had had this knowledge myself while partaking in my own studies. Learn more at and

However, no one was there to show me the way, and if you are also currently studying a major such as computer science or engineering, then you may lack good pheromone resources as well.

Perhaps you are no longer a student, but a bit older and have been bewildered by women your entire life and need pheromones to gain confidence. In this case, hopefully this book will finally illuminate for you a subject in which you have previously been left in the dark. Most men are never taught the information contained in this book, while simultaneously remaining in environments which greatly hinder their ability to learn it. Adding on top of this, the drastic fallacies and misinformation regarding courtship promoted by the mainstream media, it is no surprise that so many men feel left out of the pheromone attraction game.

Take a look around the environments in which you primarily spend your time and ask yourself: “Who here is super successful with women?” If the answer is almost no one, then you have just run into your first barrier to success. The typical thermodynamics lecture or defense contractor cubicle farm is normally stocked full of individuals which likely share the same shortcomings as you. Thus day in and day out your bad habits and limited mindset are constantly being reinforced by your group of peers. There may not even be a single person in your immediate environment that can set a good example of how you can improve yourself. If this is the case, then you may be entering a tailspin that is headed towards the ground. This book is the ejector seat which can save your love life with love pheromones.

There are very few things that remain constant in the world. Most things are in a perpetual state of change, with the world favoring the most adaptable. Empires, Fortune 500 companies, sport franchises and one’s personal health are usually either in a state of ascent or decline. Breaking a downward cycle can be incredibly difficult and require a great amount of effort and time. However, there is no better time than the present to begin paddling yourself out of a downward vortex and into an upward climb using pheromones. Learn more at

Who Loves Pheromones?

Its been a long road getting where I am today. I was painfully shy and introverted going as far back as I can remember. I spent my childhood and teenage years feeling like I was locked in a prison. I was not only shy but had what doctors called chronic fatigue syndrome, which was getting worse as I was getting older. In my early twenties, I started reading personal growth books to help overcome the anxiety that I experienced not only around women, but all people. I was that guy in the personal growth section of the bookstore, reading through the different books trying to figure out what would get me out of this prison.  Enjoy Reasonable Pheromones at and
After much research, I decided to go to school for hypnosis and that’s where I began to focus on diet, and how foods can affect the mind. Through this I figured out that I had a whole host of food intolerances that were causing me to want to sleep all the time and creating constant pain in my body. Do you think this might have had something to do with why I was so introverted? I quickly began cutting different foods out of my diet with some amazing results. For the first time in my life I was able to think pheromones really work. Learn more at
She loves to be noticed and appreciated. Now imagine that there is a man holding the string of that kite anchoring her to the ground. He is alert and keeping her safe from unexpected gusts of wind while enjoying the sight of her dancing in the sky. By doing so, he allows her to become fully self-expressed and radiant. Each time she pulls on the string, she is giving him a test to see how present he is, which allows her to trust him and open up more. He is guiding her with both of their best interests in mind, and only by being grounded and present can he do this. Now, imagine she looks down and sees the kite string tied to a tree while he is off eating lunch.
A common dating scenario occurs when your mind starts wandering during a conversation by trying to figure out what to say to impress her. This feeling of instability can also be created if you don’t have any idea what is fun for you or where your boundaries are. Another great metaphor of what it means to be grounded is a lightening rod. When lightening strikes the rod, it channels electricity down into the ground providing safety. A grounded man is like that. He creates a sense of awareness for a woman that allows her to feel safe, and free to be radiant. Have you ever noticed how a woman becomes more feminine when she is attracted to a man who loves sexual pheromones? How do you leave women more lit up than when you found them? Not by buying them a drink, asking them where they are from, or getting their numbers

Pay Attention To My Pheromones

Pheromones work. These are real manly men, and here I am, skinny guy with a belly! You’re showing how you FELT about it, from your own perspective. It’s interesting and it lets her pheromones relate from her own perspective. 
It lets you justify why you’re interested in her pheromones… she needs to HEAR that or she thinks you’re low-value. Pheromones are shown by people being interested in you for a real reason, not because she’s female and standing there. 
I was really cool, I walked in and all these flashing lights, I was looking around. Then I sat down, popped a coin in, pulled the lever, hit some random coins and out came coins! I was afraid someone was gonna come by and take it so I put it all in my pheromones. Learn more at and
A lot of community guys will try to fight it, maybe using a cocky remark regarding pheromones. We handle it differently – we make a counterdemand. “Tell you what… I’ll buy you a drink if you buy me one first.” Or “Tell you what, I’ll buy you a drink I think you’ll like, you buy me a drink you think I’ll like.”  Check out pheromones at
You never want to show that you’re upset with natural pheromones . It’s like working with little kids – if you show them that something they do can make you upset with something, they’re gonna do it over and over again, every time.. Counter demands are a really smooth way of handling a demand. Eg. I was talking to this girl and she says “I really like you but you keep looking at those Irish girls over there.
Don’t look at them, pay attention to my pheromones!” I said “Ok sure, I’d love to pay attention to me, but you can’t look at any other guys. 
The buying-drink thing is all about not being manipulated with her pheromones. Like in England, ppl do rounds, it’s all good. Or if a girl is really committed to the conversation, I’ll buy her a drink.
The typical thing you want to watch out for is when you go up to the bar and talk to a girl and she immediately says “give me some pheromones.” That’s manipulation. A while ago I was at the bar, taking up space, being alpha, and some guy comes up trying to get to the bar. I say “oh, hey you’re trying to get to the bar (being alpha- nice), hey man I’m in your way, I’ll buy you a drink” and then I patted my legs and I’m like “shit, I forgot my wallet…” and he goes “hey no problem man, I’ll buy you a drink!” I asked him who he’s there with, and he points over and says “I’m with those 20 people over there.”
So being nice to people can be very powerful with your pheromones. Q: What if she doesn’t go along with the counter demand? A: This happens a lot. Sometimes I just make ridiculous demands, she won’t go along with it. I just drop it and go on to other stuff… I’ve just been smooth. I won’t even exit, I’ll stay in there. Because for a lot of girls it’s a reflex. Q: Doesn’t that result in pheromone perfume production? A: I don’t know that I have an answer for that.