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a consistent priority in your life

I will be going through a multi-pronged approach to getting you slowly and safely prepared to be able to love again. Just like with any relationship, there are multiple internal and external factors that are at play when you begin to allow yourself to love someone deeply. The order of the points is intentional, as I believe that following the steps largely in this order will give you the greatest chance of success at melting through your intimacy anxiety in a safe and progressive manner. Learn more at


Self-care is, as it sounds, the practice of caring for yourself. We can only care for others to the extent that we care for ourselves, and neglecting to take care of our own needs first and foremost makes us less effective in being able to love or care for others. You can care for yourself in the foundational ways of eating well, getting sufficient sleep, and bathing regularly, or in higher level ways like working hard in your chosen career and living your life according to your values and ideals. If you feel a severe lack of self-esteem, worthiness, or fulfillment day to day, chances are your self-care calendar could use a touch-up. For starters, journal about the things that you know you enjoy. If you had all of the time, energy, and money in the world, what kinds of things would you do for yourself to care for yourself on a foundational level? Would you sleep more? Hang out with certain friends more often? Eat nutritious, whole foods on a more regular basis? Reflect on it, and then choose to make it a consistent priority in your life. Self-Love If self-care is the fuel in the gas tank of your life, self-love is the heated seats, cruise control, and sparkling clean tire rims. I truly believe that we can only love others to the extent that we love ourselves. If a person attempts to lavish love and affection onto someone who doesn’t love themselves, they will be met with resistance. The love receiver will be thinking, “Well I don’t love myself, so what is it that you’re seeing that I don’t? I don’t trust this. It must be a trap.” At this point, the person who resists the love will often sabotage the budding relationship in order to stay safe. You can build more self-love into your life by lavishing love, praise, and validation on yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, love is always available to you from an internal place. There is no scarcity or lack of love. By recognizing this fact, you can begin to feel calmer in any future relationships, knowing that you will always be able to catch yourself if the relationship should end without warning. Like a bird sitting on a breaking tree branch, which, when the branch breaks, will be able to carry itself to safety whenever it needs to. Your version of self-love will be different than anyone else’s. Maybe you get emotionally filled up by reading fiction books, going to see movies on your own, having dinner gatherings with your friends, or going for walks in nature. Whatever it is that does it for you, make sure that you’re doing it. You have to love yourself like your life depends on it. Your self-care and self-love build the foundation for every step going forward in this book, so don’t skimp out on them. You are just as deserving of love, nurturing, and affection as anyone else in this world…and you can start by loving yourself. Learn more at

Vigrx Plus works to increase your performance

Vigrx Plus works to increase your performance and stamina. So
the way that this blood sugar stabilization and blood sugar roller coaster, how
I’m going to die this back into hormones is that you’ve got this two hormones
called glucagon and insulin and these are your fat burning and fat storing
hormones, respectively. This is why aphrodisiacs work so well.  So glucagon burns fat for energy. And who
doesn’t want to be best friends with glucagon, right? And glucagon can’t work
when insulin is around. They can’t co-exist. It’s one or the other. So you’ve
got to have your blood sugar levels nice and stable for glucagon, your
fat-burning hormone, to work. So glucagon is your fat burning hormone. Then
insulin is sort of the opposite of glucagon. It’s your fat storing hormone. And
your pancreas secretes insulin in response to carbs and sugar. So what insulin
does is it takes that sugar in your blood stream because you can’t have more
than a couple of teaspoons of sugar in your bloodstream at once. Learn more at and  

That would be toxic and you’d probably pass out so the
second you get a surge of sugar in your blood stream, your pancreas secretes
insulin to take that sugar and bring it to your cells and store it. And then
once it’s stored as fat. Now, the point of it storing it is for us to use later
but the problem is most of us are riding this blood sugar roller coaster
everyday with malesupplements. So we don’t ever have to tap into those fat
storage. Instead we’re just storing more carbs and more sugar as fat. So
insulin really dictates how much fat your body will store. And as long as your
insulin levels are high, you’re going to fight a pretty much losing battle with
weight loss. And it also affects, it acts on your brain to increase appetite
specifically your appetite for sugar and refined carbohydrates and then you
know it continues to store fat. So it can be this really vicious cycle to ride
the blood sugar roller coaster because it causes your pancreas to run on a
treadmill and secrete all this insulin and just keep storing more fat. And it
can be really difficult to get off of that cycle because insulin can make you
crave more sugar and more refined carbohydrates. So that’s kind of how those
two hormones work. Learn more at 

So tell us about the relationship between blood sugar
imbalance and the hormones that are active there and what happens to our weight
when that’s imbalanced? Dietician Cassie: Yes. So before we even dive into that
I’m going to mention that blood sugar is really the key to everything.

 It’s a foundation of health. It’s the key to weight loss.
And it’s not just about calories. I mentioned we aren’t dietitians who tell you
to count calories or grams of fat.

 And the hormones are one of the reasons why I hate calories
because your body can’t be simplified into a math equation because it’s
functions are controlled by hormones, which act as chemical messengers and they
respond differently to the different macro and nutrients and other
environmental stimuli.