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Smoking In Public With Electronic Cigarettes

Try lighting up a conventional cigarette in any American restaurant and you might find yourself outside in the cold. Smoking bans are common practice in most American cities so the thought of smoking in public seems crazy. Enter electronic cigarettes, the newest tool smokers are using to quit smoking. Vaping in public is allowed in many public spaces and smokers are taking advantage of the opportunity. Seeing an e-cig user take a drag on their smokeless cigarette can create quite the stir in the room, but vaping does not have the same negative effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes. It’s no wonder smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes.

Can I vape in public places?

Most places with tobacco bans do enable electronic cigarettes to be used. Smokeless cigarettes do not have second-hand smoke like their tobacco counterparts so the exhaled smoke is not a danger to the user or people nearby. Smoking in public can also be a fire hazard because the embers can potentially catch things on fire. E-cigs use a different mechanism to release nicotine. Fortunately, electronic cigarettes have a battery powered atomizer that heats the e-liquid juice inside. This means no embers or hassle trying to light a cigarette. Vaping does not pose the same risks as tobacco cigarettes so many spaces have not enacted regulations to ban e-cigarette use in public places. It may be important to check and see if vaping is allowed before “lighting up” out of courtesy to those around you.

What are some of the smoking bans?

Electronic cigarettes are new technology that has revolutionized smoking but the act of smoking is still taboo in many public spaces such as hospitals or school. This means even if these places do not have bans against using electronic cigarettes they may still discourage e-cig use outside of acceptable smoking facilities. Many cities are worried that e-cigarettes present a problem for minors so be aware of where you choose to publicly vape.

Can I use electronic cigarettes indoors?


This is a question many new e-cig users ask. Smoking tobacco cigarettes indoors can leave lasting damage on the property as the tobacco smoke permeates the walls, furniture, and clothes. It can leave your house smelling like a giant ash tray. Electronic cigarettes are special because they give off an odorless smoke when exhaled. This means vapor cigarettes can be used indoors without worrying about lasting damage to the property.

The potential for similar smoking bans to be placed on electronic cigarettes in the future is a possibility but many electronic cigarette users are already benefiting from quitting tobacco products. Electronic cigarette users gain back their health and help protect those around them by vaping instead of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are stirring up a lot of controversy lately. Many countries are trying to figure out exactly how to regulate e-cigs. Unlike conventional cigarettes that create problems such as shortness of breath or lung disease, e-cigs don’t release toxic chemicals when vaped. Vaping enables smokeless cigarette users to get nicotine through a water based vapor. Smokers are making the switch to electronic cigarettes which have concerned city officials around the world. Could electronic cigarettes make smoking “cool” again?