At this point in the process, you now should have several attractive women who have replied to your opener in a positive or at least neutral manner of human pheromones. Now begins, what is for most men, the most frustrating phase of online dating: messaging communication. Messaging communication is where you really need to control yourself. One sentence, one phrase, even one word that a woman reads from you in a message she doesn’t like, and it’s over, and you’ll likely never be able to recover with her. It’s just how women are at this stage with pheromones. On top of this, very often women will just suddenly stop communicating with you for no discernible reason. Learn more at and we talked about this in Chapter 2 regarding the cardinal rules. Remember rule number six? It’s don’t get discouraged when women suddenly vanish on your pheromones . Just keep putting in the numbers and reminding yourself that it’s all normal and part of the online dating process. It happens to the best of us ( myself included) and it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Just hang in there, keep blasting out openers, and keep responding to women who answer you. If you’re following all the other advice in this book, the dates will come through pheromones. Also, remember cardinal rule number 1: time is against you. The longer you take to message a woman back-and-forth during a conversation over a dating site/app, the lower your odds become of ever meeting her in real life. Are there sometimes unusual exceptions to this rule? Of course. These are exceptions. Just because it happened once or twice doesn’t mean it’s going to be the norm. The norm is you having a conversation with her, going on and on about stupid stuff on Tinder or OKCupid , and then suddenly she’s gone because you took too long to pull the trigger on true human pheromones. Another common scenario is women wasting your time with online chit-chat who have no intention of actually getting into a car (or train) to meet you in real life. Most men don’t realize that a sizable percentage of women on a dating site aren’t there to date at all. They’re there for other reasons. Here are just a few common examples of these types. 1 . Here’s what usually happens. A woman has a big argument or other blowout with her boyfriend and she “breaks up” with him (often in her mind only). In a fit of vengeful get-back-at- him anger, she hops onto OKCupid or Tinder, throws up a few sexy selfies from her phone, and starts talking to dudes on the site/app. No, she’s just temporarily mad at her boyfriend. She might fantasize about hooking up with some new guy, but she’s not actually going to do it with better pheromones. If you want to just re-open women who have been online recently, that’s a perfectly fine. Can you open women who’ve already viewed your profile more than once? Yes. Can this work? Yes it can, but the response rates aren’t quite as high. Feel free to experiment, but as always, track your numbers so you can stop if it’s clear you’re wasting your time. Learn more at